SINCE 2003

DJ Coaching is a multi-dimensional “no-nonsense” approach that combines coaching correct cricket techniques with lessons and guidance in awareness, attitude, mental toughness and general sporting ethics and application. This method of coaching has proven to be highly successful in preparing cricketers to achieve at the highest level.

“I have seen my Grandson being coached by Jono over the last two years, and I can honestly say that I find him to be the most enthusiastic and competent coach.”

Dr Ali Bacher

Meet Jono

Jono Leaf-Wright is a teacher, and he holds a National Level 3 Coaching Certificate. He is currently a “scout” in the Gauteng region for talent at school level for Cricket South Africa and is on the Gauteng Cricket Coaches’ Association.

Jono has gained international coaching experience as he has been a member of the coaching staff for the Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team, who were Bronze medallists in IPL 2010, and Silver Medalists in IPL 2009 and IPL 2011.