Cricket tour to Pietermaritzburg to compete against other provinces from U10 to U16

We recently took 150 players on cricket tour to Pietermaritzburg to compete against other provinces from U10 to U16. Our sides did brilliantly winning silver in U10, U14 and U15/U16 and gold in U11, U12 and U13. We are so proud of all players who participated. Our coaches have received some wonderful feedback from parents.

This is just an example of an email received:

Hi Jono
I just want to say thank you for everything you did for the boys on their cricket tour.
I am feeling a bit speechless and have no words to describe how grateful I am that Oliver got to have such an amazing life experience.
DJ Coaching and all you guys did such an amazing job organizing every part of the tour from the accommodation, to the actual cricket, to the awesome activities the boys got to enjoy, to great food apparently, to really amazing coaches..
Your coaches are absolutely amazing with these boys and I think each boy feels a special bond with their coach.
I feel I sent a little boy on tour and got back a young man who has grown a little wiser, a little more confident and a lot more independent.
Even his suitcase was packed in order on his return 🙂
When asked if 5 days was too long to be away from us, he said no it was to short and when asked by other parents if he wanted to phone his parents, his response was “No thank you. I’m Fine”. Never mind his mom sat staring at her phone waiting for him to call 🙂
So thank you for everything and for giving my son the opportunity to be a part of an amazing group of boys and coaches and experience something that he will never forget.
Till next time