From the desk of Adam Bacher (Former National Protea Cricket Player)

It’s hard to remember when I first came across DJ Coaching and all the wonderful coaches that belong to this fantastic coaching initiative. All I know is that when I think of junior cricket in Gauteng there has always been only one group that I think of and that is DJ Coaching.

I remember coaching juniors as a side job when I was out of school on the brink of playing for Transvaal. I can always remember it being a bit of a grind to coach juniors that I battled to relate to at that stage and I don’t think I made it too much fun for them. I always think about this when I watch one of the DJ coaches at work with either an individual coaching session or a group one or even at a birthday party. The passion of the guys is so wonderful to watch. The job that these guys do at this young age is so critical in a system where there just doesn’t seem to any formula put forward by the cricket authorities for coaching juniors. When

I watch the coaches at work I see the following:

  • Passion
  • Care & nurture
  • Friendliness
  • Understanding
  • Expertise
  • Planning
  • Energy
  • Smiles

And when I watch the kids being coached I see:

  • Fun & enjoyment
  • Learning
  • Growth
  • Competition
  • Discipline

The combination is a unique recipe that I feel has put this coaching organisation at the forefront of junior coaching worldwide. It would be wonderful if this model could be expanded to benefit all regions of SA.

Many people ask me why I don’t coach as I have gained so much experience from playing for my country. I tell them there is a big difference between being a player at the most senior level and knowing how to get the most out of kids who are just learning to play. Both my boys are being coached by the DJ Coaching team and I feel they couldn’t be in better hands.

I would like to wish DJ Coaching everything of the best for the future and I hope that they continue to grow from strength to strength and keep building and developing the love by kids for the wonderful game of cricket